Resource Economies paperback




It’s been twenty years since the dead rose to consume the living, and humanity has survived, at least in one small corner of the world. The city of New Hope is growing and running out of space, so they send a force out to take back a nearby island from the hordes of zombies that shamble through its streets.
The island is home to another group of survivors though, a cannibal cult that worships the undead and doesn’t want to share.
Chad is young, newly trained, he finds himself in the midst of hordes of zombies as the only member of his squad not captured by the cannibal cult. It is up to him to save the rest.
Tamra is an actress on the only TV station left on earth, but she wants to be more, she wants to be a real hero. She throws herself into the middle of the mission, heedless of her own safety. Skills she developed in the early days of the post-apocalyptic period.
Tyson worked construction, trying to reclaim resources from the ruined world. The cult captures him, and now he must struggle every moment to survive and to maintain his sanity.
All of these disparate characters are desperate to return to their home, to survive, to defeat religious fanatics and thousands of undead who still wander the world.


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